A New Beginning

A New Beginning


Facials - A Facial is the bridge between the dermatologist and you.  We begin each facial with a through analysis of the skin.  Once proper treatment has been chosen, we cleanse the skin and apply a papaya enzyme to soften the skin and dissolve impurities.  Then we vapor the skin.  Massage is done to relax and distress. 


A mask is applied to hydrate and restore balance.  Your skin is then protected with a moisturizer.  $60.00


Manicures - Hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body.  A manicure includes shaping, buffing, cuticle work and polish    $20.00

Manicure with Paraffin - Hydrates, softens, and adds moisture  $30.00

Pedicures - Including clipping the nails, cuticle,and callous work, and polish  $27.00




Waxing - We use the best form of wax-azulene cream wax.  Hair is removed by the root so that hair returns finer.

Lip $15.00          Brow $15.00          Bikini $20.00          Underarm $20.00

Full Leg $70.00           Lower Leg $35.00                        Upper Leg $40.00








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